ATTRITION – The Reasons, Symptoms & Solutions


Recommended for all the Managers and Leaders of the pharmaceutical industry.

The course focuses on the burning problem of not only of the managers but the industry itself i.e. ATTRITION. Most of the time we don’t perceive attrition too seriously. But this one problem can be felt with lot of depth and understanding only, whatever level of hierarchies one is in. The problem is more of human resource involvement rather than human resource management.  And these both the functions are to be done by you only as a manager.  We must remember two things very seriously. The first is you are also a human resource and not only the subordinate. And the second is the one who is leaving your organization he is dissociating by choice from your company, your systems, your policies, your approach and ultimately your leadership. However, it can be attended up to a large extent with proactive approach of your as a leader.

What will you learn

  1. Your Loss as Leader/Manager                                        
  2. Classification and Reasons                                              
  3. Understanding Symptoms                                             
  4. Functional Remedies                                                       
  5. Lessons To Be Learned                                                   
  6. Summary & Proactive Approach                                   

Language: English   

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Topics for this course

6 Lessons59m 43s

Attrition in Pharma Sales Teams

Part 1: Attrition – Your Loss as Leader/Manager2:29
Part 2: Attrition – Classification & Reasons24:28
Part 3: Attrition – Understanding Symptoms11:05
Part 4: Attrition – Functional Remedies11:08
Part 5: Attrition – Lessons to be Learned7:06
Part 6: Attrition – Summary & Proactive Approach3:28

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