Challenges in Pharma Manufacturing: A Compliance Perspective


Pharmaceutical Industry is the second most regulated Industry in the world. There cannot be any compromise with the Quality of Medicines that are produced at pharma manufacturing sites as they are directly connected to the healthcare of humans as well as other species. It is of utmost importance to understand that we all working in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing / Production have to follow the compliance at all times at these manufacturing plants. A minor mistake may lead to catastrophic events.

Here you are going to learn 5 Compliance Related Observations that are usually noted by Pharma Regulatory Agencies. The remediation or solutions of these challenges are also discussed.

Language: Hinglish (a mix of English+Hindi)

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5 Lessons26m 25s

Challenges in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & their Solutions

Current Challenges & Can We Prevent It?5:31
Top 5 Challenges9:29
Causes of Non-Compliance3:32
Root Cause Analysis & Solutions7:13
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Simple language & explanation. I really like the solutions that you provided to these practical issues. Also create some course on ICH guidelines too.

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