Change Management | Surrender to Change to Remain Relevant in Pharma Selling


This course talks about how surrendering to change is so important to remain relevant as change is omnipresent and those who are not able to align themselves with the changing times perish. This course talks about various brands which have gone into oblivion just because they were not able to change themselves with the demands of the market. Pharma industry also has changed a lot in last 30 years and what are the reasons for that.

Then the participants will understand what is a change.  This also talks about what are the likely changes going to happen in 2021 in Pharma Industry and what could be the impending changes in Strategy, Structure, Process and Culture. When these changes happen what impact it will have on our pharma professionals.

What will you learn

  • What is a change and why change efforts fail?
  • What are the 8 steps change processes?
  • How changes have to be implemented?
  • How people should be convinced to embrace change?
  • How resisters have to be handled?

Language: English

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Topics for this course

8 Lessons01h 46m 24s

Change Management

Introduction & Learning Objectives00:01:44
Part 1: Impact of Inability to Change / Innovate00:17:12
Part 2: Understand Change00:39:38
Part 3: Why Change Efforts Fail00:05:23
Part 4: Eight Stage Change Process & Your Role00:05:46
Part 5: Become Change Ready & Initiate Change00:10:48
Part 6: Implement Change00:10:10
Part 7: Addressing Resistance to Change00:15:43

About the instructor

Pankaj Srivastava is having a Pharmaceutical experience of more than 37 years. Out of that 33 years, spent with two multinationals in Sales, Marketing and Training. His last assignment was General Manager( Training and Business development) with Shield Healthcare. Conducted more than 70 soft skill session with Diabetologists and Endocrinologists. Spoke in national and International Diabetologists Meetings and in  some Business schools. Master Trainer from NSDC, Logchain India and ISTD. Passionate to improve the knowledge and skill levels of Professionals especially belonging to Pharmaceutical industry.
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Material Includes

  • 8 Learning Videos
  • Course Certificate

Enrolment validity: 365 days

Target Audience

  • Pharma Sales Professionals
  • Pharma Marketing Professionals

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