Doctor’s Call Preparation to Generate Prescription


Highly recommended for Medical Representatives and First Line Managers. This course enables Medical representative to have last minute fine tuning before making the call. This course helps to improve in clinic effectiveness of the Medical Representative and also works as process of promotion for the Medical Representative. With this course better prescription generation will help achieve the Target. This course learning will help the Medical Representative to progress for promotion to next level.

What will you learn

1. Fine tuning for product promotion

2. Fine tuning for communication

3. Fine tuning for in-clinic performance

4. Focussed product prescription generation

Language: English

Must to Follow Instruction: 5 Essentials to Generate Prescription is a full package of 5 courses & you must Complete all the below mentioned courses in the same sequence to get maximum benefits.

1st Essential: Day’s Work Plan

2nd Essential: RCPA – Retail Chemist Prescription Audit

3rd Essential: Doctor’s Call Preparation

4th Essential: Meaningful Input Utilization (MIU)

5th Essential: Effective Closing of Call

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Topics for this course

8 Lessons34m 24s

The 3rd Essential to Generate Prescription – Dr’s Call Preparation

Part 1: What do you need to Update & Review5:36
Part 2: How to open the call6:09
Part 3: What you may use for promotion5:41
Part 4: When you may close the call4:31
Part 5: Do’s of Doctor’s Call Preparation4:39
Part 6: Don’ts of Doctor’s Call Preparation3:58
Part 7: Advantage of Doctor’s Call Preparation2:44

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