First Line Manager – Role & Responsibilities in Pharma Sales


Recommended for all the First Line Managers / ABM / ASM / Area Sales Manager / Area Business Manager taking up the role and responsibility or may be already functioning. Usually First Line Managers are not elaborated or explained such learning on promotion. Therefore they keep trying and learning at the cost of productivity, performance and interpersonal relations.

By understanding the Role and Responsibility through this course, First Line Manager will be in a better position to attend the job duties in a more effective manner along with better efficiency. And will outperform in the area of accountability i.e. PRODUCTS.

What Will You Learn

  • Role and Responsibility – Conceptual learning
  • Role and Responsibility – Operational learning
  • Role and Responsibility – Functional learning

Language: English    

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Topics for this course

5 Lessons39m 15s

First Line Manager Role & Responsibilties

Part 1: FLM Role & Responsibility – Conceptual learning5:17
Part 2: FLM Role and Responsibility – Operational learning14:07
Part 3: FLM Role and Responsibility – Functional learning (A)10:32
Part 4: FLM Role and Responsibility – Functional learning (B)10:31
Part 5: Conclusion2:48

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I have enrolled course today they have explained in detailed point to point about marketing there explanation is Very good


Material Includes

  • 5 Learning Videos
  • Course Certificate

Enrolment validity: 365 days


  • Should have experience of MR role

Target Audience

  • FLM First Line Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Area Sales Manager
  • Area Business Manager
  • MR aspiring for FLM Position

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