Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) – Basics


Good Manufacturing Practices are the fundamental foundation of Pharma Manufacturing. If the Good Manufacturing Practices are not there, production of high-quality medications will be a dream only. In this course you will learn the basic concept of GMP & its importance. Also, you will learn why & how the GMP evolved, how GMP can be implemented, Where, when & who must follow GMP & a brief overview of the 10 Principles of GMP is also given. The complete word GMP is decoded to make it clear that, what does “Good”, Manufacturing & “Practices actually mean.

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6 Lessons28m 16s

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) – Basics

What is GMP, its objectives & Where, When & Who to Follow11:06
Why & How GMP Evolved – Timelines9:51
How to Implement GMP (in brief) & 10 GMP Principles4:00
Summary of Learnings1:41
Thankyou & How to download certificate0:50

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Very lucid explanation.

It's a great opportunity for me to attend this session. Very well explanation of GMP principles and its basics. A recommended session for every pharma professional.

Very good and easy approach to understand the fundamentals of GMP

Very good and simple language used easy to understand. Thank you

Easy way to Understand

Very easy approach to understand GMP was explained by sir, everyone should watch the video.

Good information to align individual for the industry ready.
This is very important training modules for industry

Very practical approach

Easy way to understand GMP ...thank you sir

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