H.R. Angle in Sales & Marketing – An Insight by GEET

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This course provides you an Insight about H.R.  Functions involvement in the process of performance in Sales & Marketing.

What will I learn

1. Insight involved in business

2. H.R. functions influence in performance

3. Correlation in H.R. and Sales Marketing job roles

Language: Hinglish (Mix of English+Hindi)

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H.R. Angle in Sales & Marketing

HR & Sales and Marketing: An Insight4:14

About the instructor

Geet is a graduate with Psychology & Economics from Lucknow University and has done her masters with Economics. She has been a Gold Medalist in B.Ed. as she is having a knack in teaching and educating the students. However with few earlier years in orthodox teaching, she realized the need of educators in other fields as well. And came to H.R. and Coordination with training & development being her forte. She attended her responsibilities with the angle of Human Resource Identification, Employment, Management, Development & Advancement. Along with the experience of handling admin & distribution in the Pharma industry, Regional H.R. Head exposure was a deep learning for her in the Pharmaceutical industry. With the exposure in Pharmaceuticals, Interior designing companies and Foreign Recruitment Company at senior positions, she is a freelancer now to educate professionals with her experience and expertise.
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Very beneficial and useful topic ,well explained.
A must do course.

Knowledgeable stuff,as the previous one.

Part two gives better understanding.

Sweet brief direction for self evaluation. I think every professional must do these 2 short courses.

Good. insight well defined...

Amazing course... Simple and clear class.

Good simple effort to explain the innovative subject.