H.R. Angle in Sales and Marketing


This course provides you an understanding about H.R. (Human Resource) abbreviations and how these are perceived. The course also states the H.R. functions which needs to be performed with the functions of Sales & Marketing.

Language: Hinglish (Mix of English+Hindi)

Suggested Course: H.R. Angle in Sales & Marketing – An Insight: Part 2 by GEET

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1 Lessons03m 34s

HR Angle in Sales & Marketing

HR Basics, Abbreviations & Functions3:34
Quiz: Knowledge Check

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Well explained. Will greatly benefit the professionals in sales and marketing. Full marks to the instructor

Well clarified for the Sales & Marketing professionals

Seems to be a teaser. Looking forward for next course of madam.

good sharing of experience and knowledge...

5 mins of video review of HR is exactly what I was looking for. Very well explained. Thank You!

Dear Sir/Madam
Sir, I am very grateful to you. Today's video was a very good video and my knowledge has increased a lot because of this video and anyway my knowledge has increased a lot because of you and your team. And this is today's video. Thanks for the link you sent me today.
Thanks & Regards
Abid Hussain

Brief and well defined

Quick review of HR in less than 5 mins of video.
Looking forward for next part.

Well define

So much clarity in 5 minutes. Very good course.

Thanks for the information related to HR department. It will help us in alignment with HR department.

Well define the basics about HR . Nice

Good Insight for Sales & Marketing professionals.

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