Induction of First Line Manager (FLM/ABM/ASM) in Pharma Sales


Induction of First Line Manager is recommended for all the First Line Managers who are newly promoted or the ones who are in the process of taking charge as First Line Manager. As a First Line Manager you are not going to get any kind of assistance, support or induction training from your superiors. You have been made in-charge / supervisor of a functional team and you need to induct each and every Medical Representative to yourself and in the process get inducted successfully. You cannot take too much of time also for the self induction. In this process you will be critically evaluated by your team. Therefore, you have to be ready for that also. With this course you will not only sail through this process successfully but also develop a road map for your success as a First Line Manager. Also, equally effective for the running First Line Managers.

What will you learn

  • The Preface for understanding – for self Induction
  • The Perception for Action – to get established
  • The Process – for achievement of GOAL

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Topics for this course

3 Lessons48m 35s

Induction of FLM

Part 1: The Preface for understanding – for Self-Induction10:58
Part 2: The Perception for Action – to get established23:53
Part 3: The Process – for achievement of GOAL13:43

About the instructor

4.92 (110 ratings)

42 Courses

1567 students


Material Includes

  • 3 Learning Video
  • Course Certificate

Enrolment validity: 365 days


  • Should be working as FLM
  • Should have worked as MR

Target Audience

  • First Line Manager
  • Pharma Sales Managers
  • Area Sales Manager
  • Area Business Manager
  • MR aspiring for FLM position

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