Medical Representative Induction (Fresher)


Induction of Medical Representative (MR) is the process  to introduce a new recruit to the role, the job duties, the business process and the norms of the company. This MR Induction process continues  at least for the complete probation period to establish the confirmation of the employee. Recommended for all the First Line Managers and Regional Leaders of the pharmaceutical industry. For the company to get settled and productive in the market, induction of Medical Representative is a very important process to be programmed by the First Line Manager. But unfortunately, neither the process is educated to the First Line Manager by the organizations nor is the attention paid by the First Line Manager himself to learn. This course throws the light on the advantages and benefits of induction and educates the process with day wise significance of each step of induction. With planned and programmed induction not only productivity is achieved at the HQ/market by M.R. but also the add on advantages like better interpersonal relations, improved team performance, cordial communication and better future prospects for Medical Representative as well as for First Line Manager himself. Even the problem of attrition is attended to a large extent by induction. And the manager may realize this after giving effective program of induction to the Medical Representative.

What Will You Learn

  • Importance of induction
  • Understanding the aspects, attributes and components of induction
  • Day wise focus and functions of visit-1, (3 days visit)
  • Day wise focus and function of visit-2, (2 days visit)
  • Next 5 months guideline for complete 6 months probation period
  • Conclusion to reach decisions
  • Difference between fresher and experienced induction
  •  Situations and preparation for induction
  • Induction of experienced Medical Representative within company
  • Induction of experienced Medical Representative joining from other company
  • Cautions, advantages and benefits of induction

Course USP

  • The course guides you for absolute functional prospects to be attended infield instead of a bookish classroom knowledge.
  • The course focuses on the basic job function of medical representative that is prescription generation with the help of 5 essentials.
  • The course focuses on effectiveness also along with efficiency of medical representative to perform and produce results.
  • the course gives absolute clarity for the induction of a fresher medical representative and an experience medical representative at various situations.
  • With this course the understanding and development of first line manager also is guaranteed with the learnings.

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Topics for this course

6 Lessons01h 14m 19s

Medical Representative Induction (Fresher)

Part 1: Importance of Induction10:14
Part 2: Understanding the Aspects, Attributes and Components of Induction8:17
Part 3: Day wise focus and functions of visit-1, (3 days visit)23:52
Part 4: Day wise focus and function of visit-2, (2 days visit)12:57
Part 5: Next Five (5) months guideline for complete 6 months probation period10:13
Part 6: Conclusion to reach decisions8:46

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