Job Responsibilities of First Line Managers (FLM) in Pharma Sales Management


This course is useful to medical representatives who aspire to become 1st Line Manager, Practicing 1st Line Managers, 2nd Line Manager & Zonal Managers in Pharma Sales Management. This course is also useful for the Training Managers in Pharma Sales Management. This course is important to understand job responsibilities of 1st Line Manager and hence for their future growth also. This course is important for Pharma Sales Managers as they have to insure this job from 1st Line Managers.

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What Will I Learn?

  • Job Responsibilities of FLM
  • What not to be done by FLM
  • MR & FLM work differentiation
  • Role Clarity of First Line Manager

Topics for this course

3 Lessons15m 14s

Job Responsibilties of First Line Manager (FLM)

Overview & the reason why FLM should have deep understanding of Job of a Medical Representative3:12
Job Responsibilities of FLM in Detail12:02
Quiz: Check your understanding
Thankyou & How to download certificate0:50

About the instructor

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Made clear regarding FLL job and how to differentiate from MR. Same video looking for Job Role and responsibility of RSM & ZSM

Very nice presentation with lots of real life examples that helped me


Material Includes

  • 2 Learning Video
  • Certificate Course

Enrolment validity: Lifetime


  • Access with Desktop Laptop Mobile
  • Good internet connectivity

Target Audience

  • Medical Representative MR
  • First Line Manager FLM
  • Area Business Manager ABM
  • Regional Business Manager RBM
  • Zonal Business Manager ZBM

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