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Know Your Customers – An Insight:  is a functional learning course for all Pharma professionals involved in Sales & Marketing. It’s very much significant for Medical Representatives. This course is a must to understand the process of the Medical Reps job and various influencing customers involved in the process. With this point of view given in the course you will not miss any point of process to generate business.

General Information: Know Your Customers – An Insight is a functional understanding  course which must be done by all the s & Medical Representatives in particular along with F.L.M. as these two are the key positions to generate business in pharmaceutical industry.

Language: Hinglish (a mix of Hindi+English)

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Know Your Customers – for Pharma Sales Professionals

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Great knowledge sharing environment, thanks for sharing knowledge.

Thanks for your valuable knowledge. Very informative lecture was conducted.

Great presentation
Thank you sir.....

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