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Marketing Myopia: How Missing the Big Picture Can Stagnate Growth

Enrolment validity: 365 days


Despite great strides in the field of R&D, F&D, the use of Artificial Intelligence in the realm of production, HR and Finance, in the area of marketing, the pharma industry is still backwards. Why? Because of shortsightedness and lack of vision amongst many unsuccessful marketers in the pharma industry across all continents. Fortunately, in the last decade, change is happening and will accelerate. Ted Levitt calls it Marketing Myopia in an article of the same name published in Harvard Business Review in 1960. This was a landmark article. It changed the outlook and sales orientation transformed to marketing orientation in successful companies. This course tells you the implications of this article in the pharma industry.

What will you learn

  • How continuing with myopic outlook can have a negative fallout, not only for their organization, but eventually for the industry.
  • You will also find the prescription for this ailment in this course.

Language: English

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This course is free if you buy the course Voice of patient by Vivek Hattangadi. You will get the details during the checkout process.

Course Curriculum

Marketing Myopia

  • Introduction
  • Part 1: Marketing myopia in pharma
  • Part 2: What is your business & who is your customer?
  • Part 3: Three key ideas for pharma industry
  • Part 4: The four myths
  • Part 5: Rx for marketing myopia
  • Quiz: Marketing myopia

Course Ratings & Reviews

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No Review Yet
Enrolment validity: 365 days

Material Includes

  • 6 Learning Videos
  • Quiz
  • Course Certificate
  • This course is free if you buy the course Voice of patient by Vivek Hattangadi

Target Audience

  • CEOs Vice-Presidents Brand Managers
  • Marketing Managers Field Sales Managers
  • National Sales Managers Medical Representatives

Course Ratings & Reviews

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No Review Yet
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