Meaningful Input Utilization (MIU) For Medical Representative (in Hindi)


Highly recommended for Medical Representatives and First Line Managers. This course enables Medical Representative to develop himself for better prescription generation. This course helps not only to achieve target but to command the call in the clinic. Improvement in in-clinic performance will be a big achievement with this course learning. And Medical representative will also learn the process of progress to next level.

What will you learn

1. In clinic effectiveness

2. In clinic control of call

3. Confidence with the knowledge of inputs

4. Various inputs to generate prescriptions

Language: Hindi

Must to Follow Instruction: 5 Essentials to Generate Prescription is a full package of 5 courses & you must Complete all the below mentioned courses in the same sequence to get maximum benefits.

1st Essential: Day’s Work Plan

2nd Essential: RCPA – Retail Chemist Prescription Audit

3rd Essential: Doctor’s Call Preparation

4th Essential: Meaningful Input Utilization (MIU)

5th Essential: Effective Closing of Call

How to download course certificate: Watch Video

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Topics for this course

6 Lessons29m 18s

Meaningful Input Utilization

Part 1: Inputs – What are they2:55
Part 2: Inputs provided by the company, Inputs provided by You & Inputs derived by You7:45
Part 3: If you don’t want to remain Medical Representative & want to Develop further – Do This!9:33
Part 4: Don’t of Meaningful Input Utilization4:14
Part 5: Benefits of Meaningful Input Utilization3:05

About the instructor

4.92 (109 ratings)

42 Courses

1564 students


Material Includes

  • 6 Learning Videos
  • Course Certificate

Enrolment validity: 365 days


  • Access with Mobile or Laptop
  • Good Internet Connectivity

Target Audience

  • MR Medical Representative
  • ASM Area Sales Manager
  • RSM Regional Sales Manager
  • ZSM Zonal Sales Manager

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