Medical Device Industry: Overview, Insights & Opportunities


This course gives you exclusive knowledge about the Medical Device Industry. Anyone who wants to join medical devices industry or those professionals who are working in core pharma & want to shift to Medical Device Industry, this course is must to do for you. Know the current & future of Medical Device Industry, typically in Indian Market perspective.

What will you learn

  1. Medical Devices basics & their classifications
  2. Indian Healthcare & Medical Devices Market
  3. Medical Devices Industry – Challenges
  4. Medical Devices Industry – Growth Drivers
  5. Government Initiatives for Medical Devices
  6. International Perspective in relation to Indian Medical Device Industry
  7. SWOT of Medical Devices Industry
  8. Top 25 Medical Device Companies in India

Language: English

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Topics for this course

6 Lessons36m 57s

Medical Device Industry

Part 1: What are medical devices & their classifications14:25
Part 2: Indian Healthcare & Medical Devices Market4:43
Part 3: Challenges for Medical Devices Industry3:24
Part 4: Growth Drivers for Medical Devices Industry11:14
Part 5: Key Takeaways1:47

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very Good thanks sir

It is an excellent session highlighting key parameters in Medical device sector. Nicely elaborated with lots of examples.

Very knowledgeable session for one who wanted to join this industry. Thanks to pankaj sir and pharma tree.

It was like a complete overview of Medical Devices as a sector. Deep insights like what are the opportunities as well as challenges, Strength as well as weaknesses. Key segments & players. Very useful for Med. device Sales aspirants.


Material Includes

  • 6 Learning Video
  • Course Certificate

Enrolment validity: 30 days

Target Audience

  • Those wanting to join medical device industry
  • Pharma Professionals

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