Medical Representative – A Challenging Profession & A Lucrative Career (in Bangla) by Arpan Paul


A medical representative is a professional who promotes and sells company products like pharmaceutical drugs or medical devices/equipments. Medical Representatives are known by different names like Territory Business Manager, Pharma Sales Manager, Pharma Sales Officer etc. The job is multi-faceted & main work is to increase product awareness, answer queries, provide advice and introduce new products & more. It is a great profession to learn new things & appears challenging but in long term it’s a satisfying & a very lucrative career with sky is the limit. One can start as Medical Representative & can reach to the CEO level of the company. This course explains the benefits of joining Medical representative Job & what is this Job all about.

What will you learn

  • What is Medical Representative Role
  • What benefits you get in MR role
  • Why to join this profession

Language: Bangla + English

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Topics for this course

3 Lessons18m 26s

Medical Representative Career (in Bangla Language)

Part 1: Benefits of Medical Representative Job8:21
Part 2: Why Medical Representative Is So Important For The Pharma Company8:04

About the instructors

My Belief "Curiosity is the beginning of Knowledge and Understanding the beginning of Wisdom". Hello. I am Arpan Kumar Paul, a Storyteller, Capability Builder, Passionpreneur and an Evangelist. By qualification I am B.Sc (hons), MBA (HRM), but my identity lies in my Thirst for Knowledge. My association with the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry for 24 glorious years has given me some wonderful experiences worth sharing with you, and my Management Teaching journey as a Guest Faculty of Sikkim Manipal University has enriched me with an Andragogical knowhow. Life offers all of us a meaningful Journey and a wonderful Destination, and I believe that we should all enjoy the Journey without losing sight/focus of our Destination. The compilation of the constant and dynamic flow of up’s and down’s, high’s and low’s in our professional journey, which leaves a permanent impression in our life, is called Experience. So come and join me on an exciting trip of Experiential Learning, where we can share our Hands-On Learning Experiences and make new inroads in our professional endeavour. I believe that at the completion of this journey, it will help develop Academic and Socio-Emotional competencies within us, which is imperative in our Professional and Personal pursuits. Best of Luck. .
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Target Audience

  • Medical Representatives MR
  • B.Sc M.Sc B.Pharm D.Pharm Graduates
  • Anyone who wants to join Pharma Sales