Medical Representative Mission Statement


Mission Statement For Medical Representative

This course will help you understand the importance of having a mission statement and the value addition it will have in your professional career. From being one among the many medical representatives in your organisation to becoming a champion performer, this course has it all for you!

What will you learn

  • What is the meaning and significance of having a ‘mission statement’ for you as a medical representative?
  • Why is it important that you must have a mission statement and how will this positively impact you as a person?
  • What benefits will a mission statement have on your career?
  • How the implementation of your mission statement will help you to grow in your career and become a stand out performer which otherwise you would have only dreamt of being.
  • What satisfaction and respect a mission statement can give you among your own colleagues & peers in the Pharmaceutical Industry!!

Language: English

How to download course certificate: Watch Video

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Medical Representative Vision

Topics for this course

6 Lessons43m 33s

Medical Representative: Setting The Mission

Part 1: Case study on power of mission6:53
Quiz – 1
Part 2: What is mission statement & how to achieve it?12:11
Quiz – 2
Part 3: What should be mission statement for Medical Representative?11:43
Quiz – 3
Part 4: Benefits of mission statement8:55
Part 5: Conclusion2:12
Quiz – 4

About the instructor

Have 39 years of Pharmaceutical sales & marketing experience. From starting my career with Pfizer Ltd., in Rajasthan, to have launched the field operations of Mankind Pharma in Karnataka, and launched the operations of a leading Eye Hospital chain in Bangalore.  Possess a managerial experience of 25 years from Area Manager to General Manager. With strong communication & interpersonal skills, solving problems, overcoming obstacles, field force & managerial training, has been my forte. This brings within me a deep desire to share my experience with those who wish to enhance their careers at various levels.  
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Material Includes

  • 6 Learning Videos
  • Course Certificate

Enrolment validity: 30 days

Target Audience

  • Medical Representative
  • Pharma Sales Representative

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