pH Measurement – Analytical Instrumentation with Virtual Class & pH Meter Functional Demo


In this course learn about pH Measurement, Operating Principle, Instrumentation Part, Calibration and Validation, Trouble Shooting and Maintenance. This course gives you in-depth practical knowledge about pH, pH meter & its operations. Detailed Virtual Class on pH & pH meter is included along with Functional Demo of pH meter. This course is recommended for both working professionals & students.

Language: English

What Will I Learn?

  • Basic Principle of pH Measurement
  • NERNEST Equation
  • Calculations Calibration and Validation
  • pH measurement Challenges
  • Regulatory compliance as per Pharmacopeia (USP)
  • Virtual Class on pH & pH Meter
  • Functional Demo of pH Meter

Topics for this course

11 Lessons01h 22m 46s

pH & Its Measurement

What is pH?3:11
pH Measurement3:59
pH Calculations9:33
pH Meter Calibration6:46
pH Meter and pH Electrodes5:10
pH Meter Maintenance4:02
pH Meter Troubleshooting (Common Issues & their solution)6:16
Check Your Understanding: Quiz 1
Check Your Understanding: Quiz 2

Virtual Class & Demo – pH Meter

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Practical demo was very good and informative.

Very helpful course for basic information of pH. Thank you so much sir 🙏

This is the most important topic,thanku sir for organizing such a wonderful presentation and thanks to pharma academy

Awesome course series....... Thank you all teacher's on pharmastate.academy

This is really helpful and full of information i am really thankful now i think i know everything about pH 💯

This is really helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you

Thank u so much sir for this lecture. It's very helpful and informational video.

sir, this is very helpful course generally and it also increase my basics about pH metery.... thanks for providing this course ..

Thank u sir for giving valuable and very basic informational topic.it is essential for industrial and analytical.thank u sir.

It was very interesting and important in both industry and acedamic aspects, as an acedamian I request you to Conduct some important topics like HYPHENATED TECHNIQUES like LCMS/MS and HPLC ANALYSIS and Mass Spectroscopy in detail which will be helpful for analytical stream like

Excellent Explanation, Kindly Do the courses work on Analytical Instruments like HPLC UPLC LCMS/MS like HYPHENATED TECHNIQUES which will be more beneficial for us - Great Job Thank You for certification

Most informative session and get knowledge regarding the pH instruments very clearly👍 thank you sir ....

This course is full pack of pH from basic to competative pharma exam level .
Thank you Dinesh Sir and also pharam academy . It's most important for interview also in pharma industries.

Thank you sir .This is very informative and valuable course👍

Nicely explained related to industry orientation and quiz part is very important for better understanding. Thanks and keep going like this...

This is very important topic and helpful course for basic information of pH👍. Thank you Sir and Pharmastate acamedy for providing this.

This is very informational and valuable course .👍👍 Thanx you sir and thanx Pharmastate academy .👍


Material Includes

  • 10 Videos & 2 Quizzes
  • pH meter functional Demo
  • Course Certificate

Enrolment validity: Lifetime


  • Access with Desktop Laptop Mobile
  • Good internet connectivity

Target Audience

  • UG & PG Students
  • Chemistry Biotechnology
  • Microbiology Biochemistry Lifesciences
  • DPharm BPharm MPharm

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