Pharma Brand Managers and Field Work


Importance of fieldwork for Pharma Brand Managers

This course describes the importance of fieldwork for pharma brand managers. Fieldwork can be done either independently or jointly with field colleagues. The course describes the responsibilities you have when you go for fieldwork.

What will you learn

You will learn how important it is for brand managers to collaborate and solicit support from field colleagues to build eternal brands.

You will know the roles and responsibilities of the first-line managers. This is important because at no time should he replicate the first-line manager’s job during joint calls.

You will know how to be a leader of people without any title, power or authority.

Language: English

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Topics for this course

4 Lessons34m 39s

Field Work – Pharma Brand Managers

Part 1 – Why field work is necessary?8:09
Quiz – 1
Part 2 – Responsibilities of field sales manager11:54
Quiz – 2
Part 3 – Responsibilties of brand manager in the field13:34
Quiz – 3

About the instructor

The only reason why Vivek Hattangadi exists is to help the personnel in the pharma industry get proper learning and development opportunities. His focus is on the developing the skills of the young brand managers and the frontline sales managers who are the future building blocks of the industry. Vivek Hattangadi, a perpetual learner, carries with him 46-years learning experience in the pharma industry. He has been mentored by legends like Late Prof. Chitta Mitra and Late Prof. Tarun Gupta. He started his career as a sales-cum-delivery boy with a pharma stockist, worked hard to become a medical representative. He has substantial experience in sales management as well as brand management. He went on to be the Vice President of an Indian transnational pharma company. Vivek Hattangadi even today (i.e. before Covid-19 era), actively worked in the field along with the field staff of clients. This helps him get deep insights. He has also worked in Dhaka and Gazipur in Bangladesh and knows the pulse of the doctors of Bangladesh. And therefore, the tips he gives in his sessions, both off-line and on-line are in sync with today’s world realities. He then blends his learning’s with academics. Nothing which is theoretical and cannot be applied at the place of work! Vivek Hattangadi has authored six books on pharma branding, marketing and sales. This includes “WHAT THE PHARMA CEO WANTS FROM THE BRAND MANAGER” and “HOW TO GET DOCTOR’S ADDICTED TO YOUR BRAND: 13 UNSHAKABLE LAWS OF PHARMA BRANDING”. The sixth book was very recently released, ‘WHAT MADE YOU A MID-LEVEL MANAGER WILL NOT LEAD YOU TO THE C-SUITE: ARE YOU READY FOR THE BIG JOB?’ Vivek Hattangadi is also a guest faculty in many pharma business schools. Vivek Hattangadi, Mentor & Advisory Panel, PharmaState Academy represents PharmaState Academy at India and International levels.
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Again, it's an awesome experience to learn some important insights.
Thank u ❤ Sir.

A very crisp , clear and Relavant Course.It was a great opportunity to learn from Mr Vivek - a trusted leader of Pharma industry and a big thanks to Pharma State Academy

Short crisp and very insightful. Thank you Vivek Sir.


Material Includes

  • 4 Learning Videos
  • 3 Quizzes
  • Course Certificate

Enrolment validity: 365 days

Target Audience

  • Brand Managers, Marketing Managers,
  • Product Management Teams
  • Area Sales Managers
  • Regional Sales Managers
  • Zonal Sales Managers

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