How Pharma Sales Force Can Perform Best During Covid Times?


As covid came, it changed the ways of doing business for every industry. Pharmaceutical industry is also not untouched & facing the impact of the Covid waves. In this learning session you will learn how the pharma sales processes are changing & the practices that can help in normalizing the impacted scenario. If covid is a problem, there are solutions available too.

What will you learn

  • Best Practices In Pharma Sales currently being followed by various organizations
  • Pharma Industry in next 5 years.
  • The focused areas of upskilling.

Language: English

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Topics for this course

9 Lessons01h 39m 28s

Session 1

Session 1 – Introduction00:6:26
Part 1: Pharma Industry Current Trends & Data14:51
Part 2: Building skills for changing scenario1:18:11
Part 3: Q & A22:43

Session 2

About the instructor

Consultant in Pharma Rx & OTC spaces with a career spanning for 42 years, starting from a M.R to B.U Head & Head of Operations, in the most leading organizations. Was successful in launching two well-known STARTUPs and build MEGA BRANDS. Having a good understanding of Process Implementation, new product identification and successful launch. Expertise Marketing & Sales Management with focus on ROI. This included Field Operations, Supply Chain Management, KOL management with focused & contemporary CRM activities, Recruitment Process & Man Management. Learning & Development in both Rx & OTC spaces was one of the important contributing functions for me. Had Active involvement in Recruitment, PRAVESH (Induction), Refresher Programs, MDPs etc for SOs to Third Line Managers. The activities included active participation in finalizing various MODULES, CASE STUDIES etc. in collaboration with L&OD team and external vendors.
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stars are very less to rate this program ,Manas Das Sir is excellent in describing the topic ,i like to see the presentation again and again


Material Includes

  • 9 Learning Video
  • Course Certificate

Enrolment validity: 30 days

Target Audience

  • Medical Representative (MR/SO/SE)

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