Are You Looking For Your Promotion in Pharma Sales? Yes, you can get it


This course is useful to professionals working in pharma sales management who aspire for promotion as 1st Line Manager, 2nd Line Manager & Zonal Managers. This course is also useful for the Training Managers in Pharma Sales Management. This course is important to understand criteria’s and factors involved in the promotion of professionals in pharma sales management. This course responds to the multiple queries regarding promotion of individual professionals. The detailed Q&A session is also included.

Language: Hinglish (English+Hindi)

Course Also Available on: Criterias that your should know for getting Promotion in Sales & Marketing.

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Topics for this course

4 Lessons01h 57m 19s

Promotion in Pharma Sales & Marketing

Pharma Promotions – Detailed Learning Video34:03
Q & A Session – Answers to Quereis Related to Promotions in Pharma Sales & Marketing1:22:04
Thankyou & How to download certificate0:50

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I love it...Its too good ...V.K.Sharma sir is marvelous...In every minute of His all course is interesting. Nothing to be bore. I thought it will help me in my future career. Thank you

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