Second Line Manager Productivity Issues & Solutions by Mahendra Singh Bisht


Recommended for all the Second Line Managers/Regional Business Manager (RBM) whether newly promoted or the old ones. The course focuses on your job function clarity for productivity and leading the TEAM. With the understanding your key position in the industry and with the learning of the business process you become an asset not only for the company but even for the industry. The course adds up to your leadership competence and ensures your growth.

What will you learn

  1. Key position of S.L.M.                                      
  2. Role & Responsibility              
  3. Focus & business process         
  4. Self evaluation Productivity & Effectiveness

Language: English

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Topics for this course

4 Lessons36m 22s

Second Line Manager (SLM) Productivity Issues & Solutions

Part 1: Key position of S.L.M.00:04:28
Part 2: S.L.M. Role & Responsibility5:21
Part 3: 3. Focus & business process10:52
Part 4: Self-Evaluation for Productivity & Effectiveness15:41

About the instructors

Seasoned Senior Pharmaceutical Professional with vast 35 years of experience with U.S. Multinational and three excellent Indian companies and progressed up to the level of Country Head. An Expert in "Roles & Responsibilities" of entire hierarchy in the Pharmaceutical Industry; Having his specific designed courses as Basic Five, Involved in Training & Development profession from last seven years helping the professionals and companies. And at the same time guiding a U.S. based company for Business & Career development fields as a consultant in five countries of Indian subcontinent being a Certified Trainer from C.E.R.T.C. (Career Education Research & Training Council) Also have been P.M.K.V.Y. State Coordinator & Evaluator Expertise: - Visualization, Policies formation & Framing - Costing, Budgets & Profits - Expenditure Control - Recruitment & Deployment of Filed Force - Future potential HR identification & development - Handling of large Sales& Marketing Team. - Corporate work Experience at National level since year 2003. - Clarity of Role & Responsibilities at various levels of hierarchies - Need & position based SOFT Skills training & Development Programs - Designing appropriate training & Development program for internal & external customers - Products & Markets expansion & development process Functional Areas: • Markets Management • Products Management • Man Management • System Management • Have controlled Finance, HR along with Sales & Marketing Education & Qualification: • B.Sc. from Lucknow University • P.G.D.M. from I.G.N.O.U. • X.L.R.I. from TATA Institute • Certified Career Guidance Professional from C.E.R.T.C.
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Material Includes

  • 4 Learning Videos
  • Course Certificate


  • Access with Mobile or Laptop
  • Good Internet Connectivity

Target Audience

  • SLM Second Line Manager
  • RBM Regional Business Manager
  • Field Sales Maangers