Titration – Advance Level Course by Dinesh Pandita


This is an advance level & most comprehensive and detailed course which is designed to explain all the aspects of Titration. Titration, which is really a interesting, important & one of the oldest and basic tool to measure the concentration of any chemical by reacting equivalent volume/ weight of known chemical concentration. This course is a foundation course which is going to help you learn the basics of Titration, Operating Principle, Instrumentation Part. It includes What is Titration, Manual titration technique, Challenges related to Manual Titration & Potentiometric Auto-Titration. This course is recommended for both more working professionals & students.

What will you learn

What is Titration

Manual titration technique & its challenges

Potentiometric Auto-Titration

Titration – Types, Modes and Parameters

Electrodes selection, Calibration & Validation

Titrants and Standardization

Basic Errors, Troubleshooting & FAQs

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Topics for this course

14 Lessons02h 53m 28s

Titration – Advance Level Understanding

Part 1 – What is Titration, Manual titration technique & Challenges of Manual Titration12:25
Part 2 – Potentiometric Auto-Titration12:01
Part 3 – Titration Modes and Parameters18:28
Part 4 – Types of Titrations16:13
Part 5 – Electrode Selection6:45
Part 6 – Calibration24:02
Part 7 – Validation of Titration22:25
Part 8 – Troubleshooting14:15
Part 9 – Titrants and Standardization4:53
Part 10 – Frequently Asked Questions10:09

Knowledge Check

Detailed Virtual Class – Titration

About the instructors

Dinesh Pandita has given 30 plus years of his life to support Pharma/Food Industry Research Institutes by supplying World Class Lab Testing Equipments. He Graduated with M.Sc. from Kashmir University. He has discharged numerous responsibilities during his career. He has worked for Thermo Fisher Scientific ORION USA , Metrohm Switzerland, Nabertherm Germany, Interscience France, N Biotek, Optical Activity/Index UK and many others. His Specialization has been Electrochemistry in addition to Spectroscopy and Chromatography Subjects. And worked for these Equipments. He is well versed with all analytical instruments & got in-depth knowledge & experience related to various instruments used for analytical testing in Pharma, Food & other related industries. His focus has been Application part along-with selection of Instruments. He has been associated with Training for Pharma Professionals mainly on Instrumentation Part to be used in Laboratory (QC/R&D/PDL/Stability/ETP Etc.). He strongly believes that 90% of Lab Equipments breakdown can be avoided if users have good basic Principle Knowledge about each Instrument.
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It's is full packet of of titration and also most important knowledge about industry and it's usese and complete package


Material Includes

  • 14 Learning Videos
  • 2 Quiz
  • Course Certificate


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Target Audience

  • UG & PG Students
  • Chemistry Biotechnology
  • Microbiology Biochemistry Lifesciences
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