Hi, this is Pankaj Srivastava!

After working for 37 years in Pharma Industry, my endeavor is to plough back the learning I had from eminent luminaries of this Industry and to guide the youngsters.

Do you?

Want to learn the secrets of Leadership and Management as these are the vital pillars of Influence and subsequent sales results. Leadership skills will allow you to improve your Influencing skills which is so vital in this present arena. Managerial skills help you to resolve the day to day complexities to maximize results.

What's Changing?

Change is constant and hence the way things used to happen 15 years back are no longer valid in today’s scenario. Gone are the days of Control and power. These have been replaced by qualities like Integrator and energizer. Hence the Leadership and Managerial styles have to be very different especially when you have to deal with the Gen Y.

Take Action...

Hence in order to improve your efficiency, Join these 3 Online sessions, where I am going to share with you” how you can be a Effective Leader along with Negotiation skills and Stake holder Management”.

Program Details

3 interactive e-Sessions. Each session of 2.5 hours duration.
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How To Be A Good Leader

Day 1 - Session 1

  • 1. Leadership Myths
  • a. Leaders are born not made?
  • b. Leaders rely on formal authority
  • c. Leading= Managing
  • d. Leadership depends on personality
  • 2. Define your vision
  • 3. Building Trust
  • a. Trust = Competence + Character
  • 4. Cultivate Emotional Intelligence
  • a. Self-awareness
  • b. Self-Management
  • c. Relationship management
  • 5. Motivate Others
  • a. Balance motivating factors
  • b. Tap for Internal Motivation
  • c. Managing difficult employees
  • 6. Cultivate a global mindset

Negotiation Skills To Clinch The Deals

Day 2 - Session 2

  • Case Study
  • Understanding what Negotiation is
  • Preparing for the negotiation
  • Conducting Negotiation
  • Closing Deal
  • Overcoming Barriers to Success

Stakeholder Management

Day 3 - Session 3

  • Case Study
  • Who are your stakeholders?
  • What / Who is a stakeholder?
  • Why are stakeholders important?
  • Stakeholder Roles
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Stakeholder mapping activity
  • Stakeholder engagement – what does this really look like?
  • Negotiating with Stakeholders?

Program Fees

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Book All 3 Sessions (Recommended)

Session 1, 2 & 3 - Duration 7.5 hours
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How To Be A Good Leader (Leadership)

Session 1 - Duration 2.5 hours
Rs. 800/ -
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Negotiations Skills To Clinch The Deal

Session 2 - Duration 2.5 hours
Rs. 800/ -
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Stakeholder Management

Session 3 - Duration 2.5 hours
Rs. 800/ -
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Know Your Coach

Pankaj Srivastava
Pankaj SrivastavaPharma Consultant, Certified Trainer & Coach, Master Trainer, National Skill Development Corporation
Pankaj Srivastava (MSc. (Zoology) ISTD diploma in Training & Development) is having 36 years of pharmaceutical experience. Worked in Sanofi and MSD as RBM, Marketing Manager & Training Manager with MSD. Last assignment was GM Training and Business Development with Shield Healthcare. Apart from conducting sessions to up-skill pharma professionals, my special interest area is also to conduct soft skill sessions with Doctors/ Paramedical staff and for students in Business schools. With Doctors( Profs/HODs) Endocrinologists/Diabetologists as well as in International Diabetic conferences conducted more than 50 sessions with them. I have a deep desire to bring a positive change to the careers of Pharma Professionals by sharing the experience & knowledge that I gained during my career.