14th September 2022 | Pharma Updates

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Centre removes Ranitidine from essential medicines' list

The Health Ministry has removed 26 medicines from the Essential Medicines list including Ranitidine. The antacid popularly sold under the brand names of Aciloc, Zinetac, Rantac is under check globally over the concern of presence of Cancer causing impurity.

Lupin receives approval for arthritis drug from Canadian Health Authority

Rymati, a biosimilar drug indicated for the treatment of various kinds of arthritis has received a nod from Canadian Health Authority. It is the biosimilar of the reference drug “Enbrel” .

Several anticancer, Anti-infectives and antibiotics drugs to become cheaper

The Center, on Tuesday, dropped the new National List of Essential Medicines (NLEM) including some anticancer, anti-infectives, antibiotics, and vaccines to make them more affordable.

Uniza and Generic Adhaar join forces to increase coverage of affordable medicines to masses

Uniza, Ahmedabad based company and Generic Adhaar will work towards a unified goal of expanding the coverage of affordable medicines for common people in India.

Analysts see no major impact of NLEM 2022 on Pharma Companies

The new National List of Essential Medicines came out after a span of seven years with a inclusion of 34 new drugs and the removal of 26 older drugs. However, as per the analysts it may not have a major impact on Pharma companies.

Novartis plans $300 Million investment to expand its biologics manufacturing operations

Novartis will invest $300 million to expand its development and manufacturing operations in two currently operating European manufacturing facilities as part of its significant push into biologic medicines.

Perrigo's birth control pill to be reviewed by USFDA for OTC use in November

The company stated that USFDA has scheduled a meeting on 18th November to review the application for OTC use of its daily birth control pill called “Opill” . If approved it will be the first daily OTC birth control pill in the US.

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