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Humans of PHARMA Platform by PharmaState Academy aims to create an environment of optimism, positive growth for the pharma industry.

In today’s world sharing is caring and we urge the pharma community to share the stories which can inspire & create a positive  growth environment for all of us.

At Humans of Pharma Platform, each word is important, each line is significant and each story is worthy of bringing a change. 


Pharma Journeys Episode 9
Pharma Journey - Coming Soon



Book Discussion Episode 9
Book Discussion - Coming Soon




Inspiring Pharma Journeys

Meet the Leaders of Pharma Industry & Learn from their Pharma Journeys.

Episode 8
The Pharma Journey of Prashant Menon
Episode 7
The Pharma Journey of Dr. Narendra Chirmule
Episode 6
The Pharma Journey of Smita Kulkarni
Episode 5
The Pharma Journey of Pradeep Shukla
Episode 4
The Pharma Journey of Dr. Ulhas Ganu
Episode 3
The Pharma Journey of Vivek Hattangadi
Episode 2
The Pharma Journey of Dr. P K Rajput
Episode 1
The Pharma Journey of Pravin Virkud

Current Affairs

Be updated with the latest trends in pharma industry

Episode 1
Quality Lapses In Pharma Manufacturing & Its big Impact
Episode 2
Episode 3

Career Discussions

Let us discuss the various aspects of career growth for various pharma profiles

Episode 2
Rakesh Shrivastava
Exploring the Opportunities in Pharma Production and Manufacturing
Episode 1
Zena D'souza
The transition from Pharma Sales to Pharma Marketing

Be the part of high-value book launches in pharma

Book Discussions Episode 8
Book Discussion with Subba Rao Chaganti
Book Discussions Episode 7
Book Discussion with Shailendra Tripathi
Book Discussions Episode 6
Book Discussion with Dr. Jagmohan Rishi
Book Discussions Episode 5
Book Discussion with Manish Khandpekar
Book Launch Episode 4
Medical Representative by Tushar Naik
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