CPhE (Continuing Pharma Education)
Learning Points

Start learning & grow your levels by gaining learning points.
The learning points & level rank are the markers of your learning attitude.
The more your learn, the more you grow in your career!

Your Learning Points

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0 Learning Points

Your Level Rank

You will get learning points by enrolling to courses, going through lessons & quizzes and completing courses.

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Learning Points

7 Learning Point Awards

  • 1 Point for registering to the website
  • 1 Point for log in to website every week. For month 1×4 weeks = 4 point
  • 1 Point for enrolling a course
  • 1 Point for successfully passing a course quiz
  • 1 Point for completing a course
  • 1 Point for completing a competition Quiz (max 10 points/month)
  • 1 Learning Point for register to website

1 Learning Point Deduction

  • 1 Point deduction for failing in a course quiz

Use the learning points to reach higher Rank Levels. The rank level shows your orientation & attitude towards learning.

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