16th September 2022 | Pharma Updates

Latest pharmaceutical industry news and updates

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IPA predicts Indian pharma industry to rise to $130 Billion by 2030

Secretary General of IPA (Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance) on Thursday stated that the Indian pharma industry is expected to grow to $130 billion by 2030 and become the leading provider of medicines to the world.

AstraZeneca introduces 'iPHARMACY' programme

AstraZeneca launched a new programme intending to upskill pharmacists in India. The program will contain content comprising inventory management, good pharmacy practices, customization of pharmacy for patients, and so on.

GSK, Sanofi predicted to have negative impact after addition of their drugs in NLEM 2022

As per analysts, GSK will have to reduce the price of its antibiotics Ceftum and T- Bact that cumulatively contributes to 15% of its sales whereas Sanofi will have to reduce the price for Lantus which has a good share of 22% of its sales.

CDSCO declares 45 drug samples tested in August as NSQ

Out of 1330 drug samples, 1285 samples came out with standard quality in August’22. 45 drugs were found to be NSQ (Not of standard quality). However, none of the samples came out to be misbranded or spurious.

COMCO investigates Novartis over allegations of illegal use of patent

The Swiss competition commission (COMCO) started an investigation on Novartis over the alleged use of a patent illegally to decrease the competitive pressure.

Aspirin enhances survival rate in cancer patients in new study

Researchers at Cardiff University reviewed the earlier studies related to aspirin and Cancer and discovered the potential benefits of using aspirin that exceed side effects. The review was published in the journal ‘Open Biology’.

WHO advices against using antibody-based drugs

In the revised treatment guidelines, WHO proposed against the use of Sotrovimab and Casirivimab-Imdevimab for patients suffering from Covid-19, stating that these might not be effective against currently circulating variants such as Omicron.

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