1st August 2022 | Pharma Updates

Latest pharmaceutical industry news and updates

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories signs licensing deal with Slayback Pharma

Dr Reddy’s Laboratories announced a licencing agreement with US-based Slayback Pharma to obtain rights to Brimonidine Tartrate Ophthalmic Solution 0.025 percent that reduces eye redness.

India Pharma exports saw a significant 8% increase in Q1 to USD 6.26 bn

Indian pharmaceutical exports increased by 8% in the first quarter of the current fiscal year to reach USD 6.26 billion, and officials anticipate a 10% increase by year’s end.

Casper Pharma Hyderabad facility passes USFDA Inspection with zero observations

USFDA has completed a pre-approval examination at the formulations manufacturing facility of Casper Pharma Private Limited, which is a fully owned subsidiary of Suven Pharmaceuticals Limited in Hyderabad, India.

Bristol-Myers drug combination fails to accomplish primary goal of kidney cancer trial

Bristol Myers Squibb announced that a trial examining the combination of its two cancer medications, Yervoy and top-selling cancer therapy Opdivo, failed to achieve the primary objective of treating localized kidney cancer.

Manish Choksi appointed as an Independent Director by Torrent Pharma

Recently, Manish Choksi was appointed as an independent director by the board of directors of Torrent Pharma, subject to the approval of the company’s shareholders, for a term of five years starting on July 29, 22. He is unrelated to any other Company Director.

PLI scheme for bulk medicines modified to include 9 fermentation-based & 24 chemical synthesis-based products

Department of Pharmaceuticals (DoP) will have nine products under the fermentation-based specialty products and 24 products under the chemicals synthesis route, as opposed to 10 and 23 products respectively.

Sun Pharma's adjusted net profitincreased by 43% in the first quarter

Sun Pharmaceutical & Industries, a significant pharmaceutical company with annual sales of over Rs. 38,200 crore, reported consolidated net profit of Rs. 2,061 crore for the first quarter ending in June 2022 as opposed to Rs. 1,444 crore for the same period in the previous year.

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