22st September 2022 | Pharma Updates

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Indian govt. forms a new committee to evaluate marketing practices in pharma

The five-member committee has an aim to develop a “legally enforceable” structure to regulate the marketing practices of pharmaceutical companies. The committee requires to submit its report in 90 days.

FDA approves Fennec Pharma drug for the treatment of chemo-caused hearing loss

US regulatory authority finally approved the drug named “Pedmark” that can be used in treating hearing loss in kids due to chemotherapy. The company stated that the consent came more two years later than the expected date.

Russia puts forward new global body to keep check on regulatory requirements

Vladislav Shestakov, Director of the State Institute of Drugs and Good Practices (FSISDI-GP), Russia quoted that there is need for a new association as some organizations in the world get politically influenced and contravene on the rights of many countries.

Novartis to move to the US Supreme Court for its drug patent case

After not getting expected results from federal appeals court ruling, the company has decided to question the US Supreme Court to uphold the validity of a patent it has for the dosing schedule of “Gilenya” for the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

GSK Cancer drug to undergo renewed investigation by FDA

The company will be facing a renewal scrutiny during November advisory comittee meeting over the “voluntary withdrawl” of one indication for its “Zejula” drug. The committee will be looking upon another approved use of the drug.

US FDA BridgeBio Pharma gets affirmation to market MoCD Type A disease in Europe

US arm of Zydus Lifesciences Limited named Sentynl Therapeutics and BridgeBio Pharma has jointly declared that the EU (European Commission) has granted marketing authority for NULIBRY (fosdenopterin) Injection indicated for molybdenum cofactor deficiency (MoCD) Type A.

Himachal CM thanks Union Minister for giving it the Bulk Drug Pharma Park

The minister on Wednesday at Delhi mentioned that the bulk drug Pharma Park will ensure not only the retention of pharma formulation units in the state but also will help create long term local job opportunities.

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