29th September 2022 | Pharma Updates

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Mylab launches new HPV detection test "PathoDetect"

The company has launched ‘PathoDetect HPV Detection Test which is a real-time PCR based detection kit for high-risk types of HPV strains in individuals. The kit can also differentiate between strain 16 and 18 which accounts for most of the cervical Cancer cases.

Europe's Generic drugmakers may have to decrease output over rising gas and electricity prices

Medicines for Europe’s open letter to EU’s energy and health ministers mentioned various problems related to public health emergency, armed conflict and historic pricing pressures the medicine industry is facing which may cause them to reduce the production of generic medicines.

US FDA puts partial hold to Avidity's genetic muscle disorder drug trial

The regulatory authority put a hault on the trial after a serious adverse event was observed in a patient. Avidity mentioned that they were working with the health authority and a trial investigator to identify the problem and trying to find a solution and resolve the case as soon as possible.

Entod Pharma announces launch of Eyecirque range of eye care and nourishment products

London based company Entod Beauty in collaboration with Entod Pharmaceuticals launched Eyecirque range of products. The prodcuts are designed for vision enhancement and under-eye skin brightening supplements to provide increased protection and nourishment to the eyes and the skin around them.

Investors want to invest in stable pharma companies amidst recession fear

Indian Pharma companies are being predicted to gain benefits of price erosion pressures in the US, monetization opportunities in complex generics, and branded formulations growth potential.

SK Capital to acquire Apotex to extend support over growth and innovation

The private investment firm’s managing director stated that Apotex is a global leader in affordable medicine and they would feel privileged to extend their resources and expertise as the company continues to research, develop and produce safe and affordable medicines.

Eisai and Biogen's experimental Alzheimer's drug succeds in slowing cognitive decline

In a large trial of patients suffering from early stage Alzheimer’s disease, the drug named ‘lecanemab’ significantly slowed down the progression of the disease by 27% as compared to placebo. The results were able to meet the study’s main goal.

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