Building Pharma Brand Personality


Live interactive Learning Session


Who should attend

Brand / Product Managers, Group Brand Managers, Executives, Marketing Managers, Business Unit Heads, Marketing Directors.

Why you should attend

Gone are the days when brands were passive, non-interactive functional entities. Today’s customers respond to brands at an emotional level. They expect brands to have their own personality and character. How can a marketer build a brand personality so that the brand instantly connects with customers? How can brands create an unbreakable bond with customers so that MRs’ task becomes easier? 

The session will answer some of these very critical questions.


What will you learn

  • Learnings

What is a Brand Personality?

How Can Brand Personality be Built?

Examples of Brand personality in the Pharma world


E-certificates will be awarded to all the participants. The meeting id/details will be sent to your email one day before the event.

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Workshop Educator


The Author of the Bestseller Book - The Perfect Pill & an expert in Healthcare Media Advertising.