Comprehensive Data Analysis (CDA) For Pharma Brands

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Then CDA (Comprehensive Data Analysis) is the right workshop for you!

Comprehensive Data Analysis is a process of inspecting, cleansing, and transforming data from four data points viz. Rx audit, shop audit, internal MIS and padocumer interviews (interviews with patients and doctors who are the Pharma’s consumers and customers) with the goal of discovering useful information for the brand which will support your decision-making.

Get Ready To Create Mega-Brands.

Reiterating the ‘Four Data Points'

  • History
  • Important Terms
  • Observation and Analysis, connecting the dots
  • Insights – Devising strategy and action plans
  • Brand Analysis
  • Will provide an inclusive picture of your organization
  • Help in production planning and material control
  • Secondary vs. Primary sales gap can predict cash flow
  • Sales correlation by speciality segments
  • Sales vs Rx split by zones for future growth /de-growth.
  • Speciality wise Rx split– confirms sales growth likely for short term/ long term
  • Speciality wise product positioning
  • Speciality wise product detailing order

Analysis of data collected through RCPA & Doctor interviews

Do not overlook any of these; all are equally important.

Learn comprehensive data analysis (CDA), which is a very important industry skill through hands-on training with people who are passionate about this aspect of brand management. Work on cutting-edge tools they will provide.

For Whom

This workshop will work for those who want to take their brand to the the leadership position.


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