Coronavirus, SARS CoV-2 | COVID-19 – Basics

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Coronavirus19 which has been recently named as SARS CoV-2 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2) by WHO, has come up as a Pandemic & has already impacted all sectors globally. COVID19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) that it causes has already lead to acute shortage of health services. From a common man to an Industrialist, everyone is facing the issues created by this global pandemic.  Every Healthcare professional, should be fully aware about this disease & the virus which has been recently named as SARS CoV-2 due to its similarity with earlier SARS virus. This course includes Novel Coronavirus19 related: Epidemiology, Structure, Types, Source of Origin, Transmission & its stages, Coronavirus clinical case, Sampling & Testing techniques, Prevention methods & Treatment of coronavirus infected patient.

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Coronavirus, SARS CoV-2 | COVID-19 – Basics

Part 1: Epidemiology, Global spread, Structure, Transmission, Types, Origin10:05
Quiz 1 | Part 1
Part 2: Reproduction Number, Transmission Stages, Sign & Symptoms, Samples & Testing, Prevention & Treatment7:55
Quiz 2 | Part 2

How to use Sanitizer & Soap for Hand Hygiene

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Dr. Satish Gupta defines himself as a Pharma-addict and has got a very strong inclination towards Pharma Education & Skilling. Qualification: MBBS & MBA Worked in Clinical Practice & Hospital Administration before moving into the Pharma space. In Pharma Industry worked in the Medical Affairs department of the companies such as MSD, Novartis & Alcon. Currently, working as Chief Operating Officer (COO) at PharmaState Academy.
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Wonderful course

Thank u sir for giving more information about covide-19 during this period.please send my course completion certificate to asharatnavath@gmail.com with name Ratnavath Asha.
Thank u sir.

Information provided in this course is very usefull to understand about CORONA Virus.

Very informative course, please send my course completion certificate with name Sahitya Immidisetty to immidisetty.sahitya@gmail.com.
Thank you

Very nice to learn Covid 19 disease

Good informative, kindly share my certificate to Email- rohit.209singh@gmail.com
thanks & regards
Rohit Singh

Good course with an essential info on covid ..........Easy to memorize ....

Complete package of corona virus and all details are give in this course . It's also important for compitative exams . Thank you so much make free of cost for any one । Just amazing

Great course for us to knowing basic knowledge of Covid19 and this is very helpful for taking and understanding prevention during this pandemic... I have done course successfully and please arrange my cirtificate of completion with my name Priyesh Kumar Singh on my mail id spriyesh03@gmail.com as far as possible.
Thank u!

Very informative lecture and discussion about covid-19, thanks for this course

Please share my certificate with name Rohit Pal

I love this course sir please send my certificate at

Thank you so much sir

Thankyou so much sir

Thanks for good presentation on COVID19.I am ABDUL HAMID.send my certificate at the email address : drabdulhamid2003@yahoo.com

Very informative and thorough coarse.
Please send my certificate at syedibad97@outlook.com

Nice information in detail about Covid 19

Wow.Its wonderful to learn.Great content

It was very helpful to get know about covd-19 and now it's feeling better getting a recent updates and knowledge about covd-19

Very Nice....sir

Great source of knowledge about covid

Good one.

Good to learn


very informative and basic clear idea about covid 19 thank you

The session were best sir💯
This is so much helpful for us.
Thank you sir for making such session.

Very nice course. Very helpful for getting information about COVID-19. Please send the certificate with my name kalyani Kishor patil. Thanks for the wonderful course👍

Great content 👍
Wonderful course

Nice and informative presentation in a simple language

Nice one

Nice course

Nice course

Wonderful course!!
It was very helpful to get know about covd-19 and now it's feeling better getting a recent updates and knowledge about covd-19

Best way of giving knowledge of covid 19 and it's all informative... Great job thank you..

Important information regarding COVID 19.
Everyone need to do this course. Amazing course. Full summary with details on COVID -19

Wonderful course .
Please share my certificate with the name of Manoj Kumar Pandey

I have done course with user name Akg5544 kindly arrange to send the certificate of completion with my name AMIT GHATIA ...
wonderful learning with the course.... kindly send the certificate of completion on amitghatia@gmail.com

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