H2H Marketing Explained


What will you learn

  • What is H2H Marketing
  • Why H2H Marketing is the need of the hour
  • Three pillars of H2H Marketing i.e. Design thinking, Service-dominant logic & Digitalization

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H2H Marketing Explained

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Excellent experience of direct interaction to the authors of marketing principles


New era of marketing is H2H marketing, Awesome session.

Very insightful

its a very new school of thought in terms of Indian Pharma Marketing, Indian pharma marketing majorly at transitional phase presently and as mostly drive by brand generics the marketing strategies on allurement which is fragile in nature and long term sustainability is a challenge. The H2H marketing gives a broad prospective in terms of sustainable customer base (both Doctor and End users) thus to gain long term sustained profitable revenue. But the real challenge who will take the call as in beginning it may not be able to fetch profitable ROI but in long term its definitely going to be an profitable advantage.On the contrary it is observed presently pharma corporates majorly are impatient in nature they always expect for quick profitable return just like the culture of FMCG.

Good one and insightful

H2H Marketing explained

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  • 9 Learning Video
  • Course Certificate

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  • Pharma Brand Manager
  • Brand Associate
  • Marketing Manager
  • Marketing executives

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