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What our learners Say

"Amazing session by an equally amazing expert."
Garima Bhalla
"I learnt very interesting and valuable information to improve my skills."
Mohammad Moin Mohammad Yaseen
"The session was really informative, interactive and organised as far as online learning is concerned. Being an eager person to know more on the much talked about yet lesser known world of plagiarism, this course was a perfect fit in bridging the knowledge gap on the topic. Thanks for inciting me to explore more on good practices in the academic and research world. "
Geetanjali Arambam
"Got to know the various aspects of Writing and also learn the flaws in my writings. learnt the methods to improve it".
Ishan Atrey

Frequently asked questions

Membership is a package in which you get lot of learning courses at much economical price.

This is one time payment for getting access for all the content for 1 year. After 1 year, in case you want to access these courses, you need to renew the membership.

Yes, you can cancel it anytime. Once you cancel the membership, the future payment is not required but the courses cannot be accessed after the date of next renewal.

No, once you make the payment, the refund is not possible & you can utilize the services for the duration of payment. After that you can cancel the membership & no more payment is required.

On-demand courses include the per-recorded lectures of educator while live interactive sessions are the trainings in which educator takes the online live sessions via interactive modes of communication.

This means that the all upcoming on-demand courses (of the relevant category) of educator are added to this package whenever that is uploaded to the site.

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