Guru Shishya Program Memberships

Dr. Ajay Semalty

Transformative Learnings

All courses are designed keeping in mind the real challenges of pharma marketing. After going through these course, you will find constant upgrade in your professional skills.

High value at economical price

The courses are included in the package due to which the total cost reduces significantly. The are high value courses offered at very economical price.

Courses by Industry Veteran

The courses are designed by Dr. Ajay Semalty, who is a renowned academician & among top 2% scientist of India.

Payment in easy Installments

The payment can be done in easy installments & this reduces the burden of upfront payment.

Available Membership Plans

There are 2 plans available & you can choose as per your requirement. We recommend Platinum membership as it includes both on-demand & live interactive upskilling sessions.


Rs. 19999/-

Per Year
*charges apply


Rs. 9999/-

Per Year
Can be paid in In installments*
*Charges Apply

Frequently asked questions

Membership is a package in which you get lot of learning courses at much economical price & most of the time payment option of installment is available.

No, this is a subscription mode of access. This means you need to pay small amounts multiple times. One the time of subscription is over, you need to pay again to get access.

Yes, you can cancel it anytime. Once you cancel the membership, the future payment is not required.

No, once you make the payment, the refund is not possible & you can utilize the services for the duration of payment. After that you can cancel the membership & no more payment is required.

On-demand courses include the per-recorded lectures of educator while live interactive sessions are the trainings in which educator takes the online live sessions via interactive modes of communication.

This means that the all upcoming on-demand courses of educator are added to this package whenever that is uploaded to the site.

In case of any queries, we are just a mail away. Write to us: academy@pharmastate.com

What our learners Say

"Firstly this was a whole new experience for me. every course was interesting and full of learning. Blue Ocean strategy just opened my eyes"
Arman Kabir Sadaf
"Something new content I received in terms of learning and felt obliged also because session seems practical content and I connect myself with brand also. Thanks"
Nidhish Gaurav
"Session was good. I love the style he teaches, and looking forward to attend more sessions in upcoming future."
Sandesh Kharde
"Sessions are very much realistic, need based & value adding. Mr. Vivek' s presentations are really appreciable".
Shekhar Aley
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