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What can I teach on PharmaState Academy?

PharmaState Academy is a learning platform for Pharmaceutical Industry & Life-sciences sector. You can create any course related to this sector which can add value to the work profile of learner.

Selecting the topic

Select the topic in which you have expertise. The next step is to create course outline which is interesting & with learning outcomes. Prepare quizzes to check knowledge of your learners.

Create content

Next step is to create the content around the topic. Always remember, content is the king, so it has to be of best quality & engaging.

Convert it into learning video & quizzes

Once the content is ready, this is the time to convert it into a engaging learning video & quizzes.

Share the course with learners

Once the course is ready, PharmaState Academy & the teacher both share the course availability with the learners.

Learners will enroll & learn

Your students will enroll to the course & will start learning. So, the outome is Happy Learners & Satisfied You!

How do we help you

We provide you all the support & resources required right from the on-boarding, conceptualization, creation of course & its upload on the site as well as marketing of the course.

We are there with you always

Our support team is available to assist you whenever you require any assistance. 

“My first thought was, will i be able to teach online?”

– But PharmaState Academy made it really easy for me. Today i am a confident teacher.

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Reach out to millions of students & bring a positive change in their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look at all the questions that are asked by our new community members. If you have any confusion, you can look for an answer right here!
Who can teach on PharmaState Academy?

Anyone can teach on PharmaState Academy. The focus is on the Pharmaceutical & life-sciences sector. You need to adhere to the guidelines to keepp the teaching content of high quality.

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