Learning & Unlearning In Digital & Conventional Marketing In Pharma

Medicomarketing - Dr. Deepak Bunger

Live Interactive Learning Sessions

31st Oct 2021 (Sunday)11:00 AM - 12:30 PM


Who should attend

Pharma Marketing & Sales Professionals and Anyone who want to learn how digital & conventional marketing are changing in Pharma.

Why you should attend

Post-covid, the ways of marketing are changing. The conventional ways of marketing need to be challenged & fortified with a contemporary approach of marketing. Digital marketing is playing a big role & the technology adoption is really gaining pace.

Join this learning session to know about the various aspects of marketing that are changing & to them how we need to adapt.


What will you learn

  • Learnings
  • How the conventional ways of marketing are changing in pharma?
  • How the technology is giving pace to the marketing processes?
  • The future of Pharma Marketing.
  • What is relevant in Conventional Pharma Selling. What we need to Stop. What new skills to adopt.
  • What to Stop, What to Start, What to Continue.



Senior Vice President & Strategic Business Unit Head Superspecialty Business


E-certificates will be awarded to all attending participants. The meeting id/details will be sent to your email one day before the event.

For any assistance, Email: academy@pharmastate.com or WhatsApp:+91-8587874143 / 7011796683