How Pharma Sales Force Can Perform Best During Covid Times?


Live interactive Learning Session


Who should attend

Medical Representative (MR/SO/SE), ASM (FLM), RSM (SLM), ZSM (TLM), NSM & anyone who wants to upskill  in Pharma Sales.

Why you should attend

As covid came, it changed the ways of doing business for every industry. Pharmaceutical industry is also not untouched & facing the impact of the Covid waves.

In this learning session you will learn how the pharma sales processes are changing & the practices that can help in normalizing the impacted scenario. If covid is a problem, there are solutions available too.


What will you learn

  • Learnings

Pharma Sales Issues & Solutions in

  • Best Practices In Pharma Sales currently being followed by various organizations
  • The focussed areas of upskilling.


E-certificates will be awarded to all the participants. The meeting id/details will be sent to your email one day before the event.

For any assistance, Email: or WhatsApp:+91-8587874143 / 7011796683

Workshop Educator


Experience of 4 decades in various roles in Pharma Rx and OTC Spaces, including 2 Startups