Phygital Maturity Curve Assessment For Organizations

Check your Phygital (Physical + Digital) Maturity Curve Stage with this assessment.

PharmaState Academy presents the unique, one-of-a-kind, a self-administered test to help you gauge your phygital maturity. This test has been developed with great diligence, referring some of the best books & contemporary experiences on the subject.


Total Questions: 50 | Time: 25 minutes

Of course, you may refer books on the subject or even Google for the answers. But this tactic will not give you the correct scores rather will mislead you.

For accurate and authentic scores, use Top of Mind & Honest responses.

Where are you on the Phygital Maturity Curve?

Result Explanation as per scores achieved in the assessment:

0 – 36: Your organization is at the Starting Stage – The Awareness Stage

37 – 44: Your organization is at the Developing Stage – The Mobilization Stage

45 – 50: You are a Phygitally Matured Organization – Ready for the big leap 

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Time - 25 minutes

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Phygital Marketing & Sales Assessment

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To survive, phygital marketing has to return to the core of creation of meaningful value propositions.

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Has the work-from-home culture eroded human touch and bonding at work in your organization?

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The 21st century would need business approaches which are clearly different from those of the past. Is this true for your organization?

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Today, the pharma customers and consumers, meaning patients and doctors, are accustomed to excellent customer experiences from e-commerce sites like Swiggy, Flipkart and Amazon. Should the patients in particular expect similar patient-experience from the pharmaceutical industry?

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Patient-centricity, a natural outgrowth of H2H Mindset, and blending digital with phygital is inevitable in the 21st century. Is your organization ready for this change?

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Can you or your team quickly and easily locate the digital assets you need?

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AI will have a significant impact on the nature of jobs – it is likely to be ‘man and machine’, not ‘man versus machine’

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Is it true that digital transformation cannot be possible without organizational transformation?

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Our firm recognises that interruption marketing is the enemy of any doctor trying to save time – So WhatsApp messages and e-mails without permission are  a NO-NO in your firm.

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Bionic pharma companies will need to strengthen the human enablers. They need to have employees who are design thinkers and adept in technical skills. Are you preparing your people for this change?

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Are your products available on e-commerce sites like PharmEasy or Tata-1mg?

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“Segment of One” leading to personalisation builds trust and loyalty

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Is the supply-chain system in your organization totally automated? Or do you or your colleagues need to burn midnight oil at the C&F / distributor during the monthly / quarterly / annual sales closing?

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Are you considering conducting some robust clinical trials, similar in safety and efficacy for your DTX?

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Is your company ready to accept the Silicon Valley leadership style – setting company goals, translating those goals into work to be done, deploying teams with the right capabilities, aligning the organization, and removing roadblocks?

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As a patient-centric approach have you considered delivering some traditional therapies at home convenience to lower the stigma associated with them?

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Your firm uses online distribution and digital communication strategically to synchronize physical and digital message of purpose.

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The new work-from-home culture has blurred the division between work lives and family lives in your organization. 

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Frequency of communication builds trust, and permission facilitates frequency

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Are your learning and developmental needs assessed phygitally in your organization?

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Do you want to make your company a bionic organization – one that seamlessly links together the talents of digital and technology with humans, machines and AIs with humans, 

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In today’s growth obsessed digital age, sustainability at all levels (individual, corporate, societal) is the big challenge you should meet

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Your firm is training the workforce in AI technologies and upgrading their skills to stay relevant in an AI-centric world.

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Now that you know that ‘Segment of one’ marketing or smart segmentation is now possible because of the rise of sophisticated data-driven you will influence your firm to will be investing in this. 

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Is you firm using “Behavioural targeting” strategy to that delivers digital ads to your doctors based on their online behavior

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While doing the STP of your brand, have your brand managers used “The Segment –of-One” to move away from the traditional broad segments like age and gender to super-duper-hyper personalization?

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Does your medico-marketing team consider DTX as a trustworthy and effective therapy option?

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Do you subscribe to the point of view that: “Knowledge management is the key to differentiation in the phygital age”

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As a patient-centric approach are you considering DTX to optimize patient engagement

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Do you think your organization is at a tipping point for phygital transformation?

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Is your organization open to innovation for development of new solutions?

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Would you encourage your team to use DTX for ‘Segment-of-one’ segmentation?

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A pharma bionic company has to marshal its human potential and its technical capabilities for superior treatment outcome of the patient’s. That should be the central goal. Do you subscribe to this thought?

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Effective phygital marketing relies on empathy and service (PDX)

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Does your organization drive product innovation and development through social listening?

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How would you describe access to digital information within your organization?

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Patient-centricity is the most important implication of the digital age

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Are you contemplating a complete ban on sending emails and WhatsApp messages without doctors permission so as to avoid backlash from doctors who receive unsolicited communication?

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Pharma companies which desire to become bionic, will need experts from outside pharma to become the technology enablers. Do you agree?

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For pharma brands, the need to cover the patients unmet needs and effectively partner with the stake holders in the in the healthcare system to deliver a similar patient-at-the-center experience is an enabler for differentiated service models 

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H2H Marketing combines advances in design thinking, service-dominant logic approach, and the latest insights into digitalization

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Are the high-accuracy predictions from advanced analytics a reason for your marketing team to play it safe, or do they take it as a call to further innovate their messages.

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Do your digital assets provide you or your organization unique value?

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DTx deliver evidence-based therapeutic interventions to patients that are driven by high quality software programs to prevent, manage, or treat a medical deliver evidence-based therapeutic interventions to patients that are driven by high quality software programs to prevent, manage, or treat a medical

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Phygitalization is the principal driver for the main challenges in pharma marketing

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You are using professional social media sites for doctors (like Docquity, Docplexus) for your online marketing

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Do you top managers think that technology always serve to promote the development of creativity and not hamper it. 

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Is there a fundamental shift in the business model by putting the patient in the forefront of all marketing activities?

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Push marketing oriented on the 4P marketing mix no longer fits into the realities of the phygital world.

50 / 50

To improve the health outcomes of patients, are you considering DTX as an option, in conjunction with your brands? 

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