Phygital Maturity Curve Assessment For Organizations

Check your Phygital (Physical + Digital) Maturity Curve Stage with this assessment.

PharmaState Academy presents the unique, one-of-a-kind, a self-administered test to help you gauge your phygital maturity. This test has been developed with great diligence, referring some of the best books & contemporary experiences on the subject.


Total Questions: 50 | Time: 25 minutes

Of course, you may refer books on the subject or even Google for the answers. But this tactic will not give you the correct scores rather will mislead you.

For accurate and authentic scores, use Top of Mind & Honest responses.

Where are you on the Phygital Maturity Curve?

Result Explanation as per scores achieved in the assessment:

0 – 36: Your organization is at the Starting Stage – The Awareness Stage

37 – 44: Your organization is at the Developing Stage – The Mobilization Stage

45 – 50: You are a Phygitally Matured Organization – Ready for the big leap 

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