Phygital Maturity Curve Quiz

Check your Phygital (Physical + Digital) Maturity Curve with this Quiz.

PharmaState Academy presents the unique, one-of-a-kind, a self-administered test to help you gauge your phygital maturity. This test has been developed with great diligence, referring some of the best books & contemporary experiences on the subject.


Total Questions: 40 | Time: 20 minutes

Of course, you may refer books on the subject or even Google for the answers. But this tactic will not give you the correct scores rather will mislead you.

For accurate and authentic scores, use Top of Mind & Honest responses.

0-24: You are at the Starting Stage – The Awareness Stage

25 – 32: You are at the Developing Stage – The Mobilization Stage – You are almost ready for a deep dive in Phygital Transformation

33-40: You are the Maturing Stage – All set for a deep dive in Phygital Transformation

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Phygital Marketing & Sales Assessment

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Are you aware of any tools to assess your online CME’s or Clinical meetings organized by you or your superiors?

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The Social aspect of the SoLoMo mindset is about the rising importance of social networks in the decision-making of the buyer.

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Phygital native media are news media which started as news papers but now are also available online. Is it a true statement?

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H2H Marketing sees current developments of digitalization as an opportunity for redirecting the focus of marketing to a more stakeholder oriented concept. Is it true?

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Design thinking, service dominant logic and digitalization are the three pillars of H2H Marketing. Is it true?

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Would you use DTx for ‘Segment-of-one’ segmentation?

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Are DTx and digital medicines synonyms?

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Is DTx valuable in treating substance addiction?

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Can Internet of Things be a useful tool for you in your patient-centric approach to enhance patient adherence to therapy?

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Do you think Artificial Intelligence can replace human beings completely at work?

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Flipkart, Amazon and PharmEasy are digitally native brands. Do you agree? 

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While it is true that digital marketing facilitates direct communication with patients, this can antagonise the doctor. 

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Although in various degrees, digitalization has reached every corner of the world. Where will put pharma marketers in digitalization adoption?

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As a brand manager / sales manager / medical representative, do you use data analytics tools to analyse retail chemist audit data?

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Digital transformation is one of the biggest trends, however 70 percent of the transformation initiatives do not deliver the desired impact.

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Does Digital therapeutics complement traditional medicine in the treatment, management, and prevention of a wide range of chronic and mental health conditions?

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As a Pharma Marketer, i discuss with my team and the F&D Team on new product development.

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While it is true that Artificial Intelligence has the capabilities to enable hyper-personalization, can this be augmented through human intelligence?

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The ‘Segment-of-One’ is moving away from the traditional broad segments like age and gender to super-duper-hyper personalization. Do you agree?  

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Who is a digital native?

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Business agility: It should be at the heart of any business as agile is a culture in itself. Do you agree with the statement?

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Are you future-ready for a complete overhaul of your job from a medical representative / sales manager / brand manager to a knowledge worker?

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DTx engages end users in product development and usability processes. 

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The Mobile aspect of the SoLoMo mindset is about ‘the possibility [for the buyer] of instantly access all kinds of information’ directly from her mobile device.

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When my digital marketing team sends me social listening of a KOL, I immediately rush to the doctor to discuss the issue.

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Are you aware of the term digital therapeutics (without Googling now)?

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SoLoMo (social, local and mobile) is the convergence of collaborative, location-based and on-the-go technologies. Is it true?

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To pre-empt antagonizing a doctor, is reaching patients through the doctors the best option?

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The Local aspect of the SoLoMo mindset is about the traceability of the buyer through the Global Positioning System (GPS). 

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Digital marketing has become the best way to reach a wide audience in a cost-effective way. Do you agree?

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WhatsApp promo messages are a very effective promo-tools for doctors. Do you agree?

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Which is a phygitally native pharma company?

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Do you think that digitalization will replace our field workers in the pharma industry?

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Does E-detailing mean utilizing Tablets or iPads for detailing?

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Whether you are a brand manager, field sales manager or a medical representative, how good are you at analysing and utilizing data in the SFA tools to enhance in-clinic performance?

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Patient-centric approach in marketing does not help me in developing close relations with doctors.

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Do you subscribe to the statement: “With healthcare becoming digital, patients today are more empowered than ever before. As a result, digital health solutions have become the need of the hour to keep up with an increasing number of empowered patients participating in their own treatment decisions” ?

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How do patients access a DTx product?

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To truly have a high Digital Quotient, you should thoroughly know how to handle and be efficient in all AI and ML Tools like Cortana, Watson Assistant, Google AI and so on.

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I can send promotional e-mails to all my doctors without seeking permission.

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