Prescription Data Analysis The Core Of A Brand Managers Brand Plan

Learn the science & art of prescription analysis.

Program duration

3 Sessions. 2 hours per session (Customizable)

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Understanding STP is the initial step in the analysis of data


STP is important because it helps a brand manager focus on creating precise market segments and positioning of their brand and match the needs, wants and expectations of their segmented doctors


Continuous Prescription Research helps a pharma company to monitor its strategic marketing progress.


The data analytics is based on continuous market research of live prescriptions


Health of a brand or a pharma company is directly proportionate to the prescription flow

Program Includes


Basics of STP

In this session, understand the basics of Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning as that is a mandate for creating a brand plan.

Understanding Prescription Data

This session will take you through actual analysis of prescription data & make you understand the in-depth nuances of prescription data analysis.

Hands-on Workshop on Prescription Data

Apply the learnings of previous sessions & understand practical aspects by doing hands-on on the available data. The purpose is to make it a transformative learning.

Complimentary: Courses worth Rs. 3498/-


Courses worth Rs. 3498/-

Crafting A Brand Plan (with case studies)
Crafting A Brand Plan (with case studies)Course worth Rs. 1499/- (Included in the package)
    Situational Analysis - The Core Of A Brand Plan
    Situational Analysis - The Core Of A Brand PlanCourse worth Rs. 1999/- (Included in the package)

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