Dr. Ajay Semalty Platinum Membership


4,999 / year


This Learning Package Includes:

  1. Avoiding Rejections In Publications
  2. Targeting Journals for Publications
  3. Thesis Writing
  4. Thesis Writing (Advanced)
  5. Research Article Writing
  6. Research Grant Proposal Writing
  7. Qualitative Research and Review Writing
  8. Detection and Avoiding Plagiarism in Research and Publications
  9. Detection and Avoiding Plagiarism in Research and Publications (Advanced)
  10. Systematic Review & Meta-analysis
  11. Systematic Review & Meta Analysis (Advanced)
  12. Literature Search & Reference Management in Academic Writing
  13. Microsoft Office Tools for Making Academic Writing Easy and Effective
  14. MOOC: Massive Open Online Course Proposal Development
  15. Online Teaching and Learning
  16. Genuine Book Writing


Upcoming on-demand Academic Writing courses from Dr. Ajay Semalty whenever they are uploaded.


2 Live doubt clearing sessions


Exclusive Learning Group

Total Learning Time: 57 hrs 25 min

Price also includes GST @18%

Validity: Till the membership subscription is active.

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