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What is it in your job which you Love the most:           

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What is it in your job which you Hate the most:           

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According to you, which is the most important skill needed for a brand manager (You can choose only one)

Case Study

Akash and Badal are two Area Managers of a fictious company Moon Pharmaceuticals.

Moon Pharma has recently introduced Brandex (ramiprazole),  a novel and a premium PPI. PPIs according to prescription audit are prescribed by orthopaedic surgeons, GPs and gynecologists in acid peptic disorders and gastro-enterologists in GERD and erosive esophagitis.

The strategy of Moon Pharma is to make Brandex the most frequently prescribed PPI by the KOL gastroenterologists and other gastroenterologists.

Akash has a top-class product knowledge on Brandex. In Year 1, his Area is always 175 per cent month after month of the target on Brandex. The Area under Akash gets over 90 per cent prescriptions from GPs, orthopedic surgeons and gynecologists.

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Case Study

He is acknowledged by the promoter of Moon Pharma as the best Area Manager for Brandex. Fortunately, almost all the doctors in his Area are either innovators or early adapters.

Badal on the other hand also thorough product knowledge. He is also very strong on the product knowledge of a competing molecule (famiprazole). He even knows the landmark studies of the competing molecule.

He has a modest achievement – his area is 105% of his target. He gets 90 percent prescriptions from KOL gastroenterologists and other gastroenterologists. Unfortunately for Akash, most of them are either laggards or late adapters.

As the general manager (sales and marketing) you know both these Areas like the back of your hands.

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Case Study Question

You want to induct one of them into the brand management team. Would you prefer Akash or Badal, considering all other aspects of their personality as similar.

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Small project - Would you like to work on a patient-centred activity which entails one of these?                       

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You started your journey in the pharmaceutical industry full of aspirations. Today what is your aspiration and why?

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Today, what do you consider as  growth for you in an organization?                                                           

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Case Study

You go in for an appraisal with your immediate manager.

You receive negative feedback. Your manager thinks you aren’t putting in sufficient effort, or you’re making too many mistakes or that you’re simply do not have not enough competence to handle your current project.

Question: What will you think and what will you do?