Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

STP Workshop (For Individuals)

Program Details

3 Sessions of 1 hrs each interspersed with case studies and intense interactions.

What is STP

STP is the initial step in brand building. STP stands for Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning.

Philip Kotler Suggests

"The grand marketing guru, has suggested that if marketers can nail their target and position, all other aspects of a marketing campaign will fall into place. Target and position define whom you are trying to reach with your marketing campaign, and what message (or position) you will use to connect".

e-Workshop Pedagogy

Teaching Methodology Is Highly Interactive In This Workshop The Transformative Learnings will be provided through case studies rather than a monologue.

Step 1

Learn how to segment products not only the traditional way but also phygitally.

Step 2

And then move on to selecting the correct target market.

Step 3

Then you move on how to position the product in the minds of the customers.

Step 4

Once a strategy is crafted, it is imperative to get it executed.

Benefits Of STP


It helps brand managers to prioritize propositions and then develop and deliver relevant messages to different audiences.

Through phygital, you can even customize and personalize messages. The recipient can get the feeling: “This message was specifically designed for me!”

Participants will also know how to build in strategy execution in the strategy. Participants will now have hands-on experience in building a powerful brand
After the workshop is over, the participants will have the privilege of one-on-one mentorship sessions at mutually convenient times.

This module works best for an organization when the entire brand management team and the senior sales management team participate together. Just having the brand management team alone will not be fruitful for the organization.

If you require more information before you join, please contact us through Email: or WhatsApp message or Call: +91-8587874143

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          Know your coach


          Vivek Hattangadi

          Pharma Consultant, Trainer & Career Coach

          Vivek Hattangadi, a perpetual learner, carries with him a 46-year learning experience in the pharma industry both in sales management, brand management. He has been mentored by legends like Late Prof. Chitta Mitra and Late Prof. Tarun Gupta. He started his career as a sales-cum-delivery boy with a pharma stockist, worked hard to become a medical representative. He went on to head the sales and marketing teams of two divisions of an Indian transnational pharma company. Vivek Hattangadi will soon be 71. Yet, even today, he actively works in the field along with the field staff of clients. Not just the places which can be reached by air, but also places like Vidisha, Jhunjhunu, Sikar, Kolhapur, Icchalkaranji, Cooch Behar and Jalpaiguri! He has also worked in the field outside India - in Dar-e-salaam, Dodoma, Dhaka, Savar and Ghazipur! He thus keeps himself abreast with the current times and understands the market realities both in the metro cities, the Tier-1, Tier-2 and Tier-3 towns. This also keeps him mentally and physically agile. And therefore, the tips he gives in his sessions is in sync with today’s market realities. He then blends his learning’s with academics. Nothing which is theoretical and cannot be applied at the place of work! Through a couple of life-threatening and career-threatening situations he faced in the field, Vivek Hattangadi has developed mental toughness, a trait so necessary for those in the C-Suite. Vivek Hattangadi has authored six books on pharma branding, marketing and sales. He is a guest faculty in many pharma business schools.