Why CPhE – Continuing Pharma Education?

Why does PharmaState Academy exist? Because we want you to skill up and grow.

Drawing from our very purpose of existence, PharmaState Academy brings to you “Continuing Pharma Education” (CPhE).  CPhE is a platform for everyone in Pharma, irrespective of the field you are in – sales, brand management, finance, F&D, HRD, L&D or supply chain.

How will CPhE help you?

Have you heard about brain plasticity? It is the ability of the brain by which it reorganizes its synapses in response to stimuli. Brain plasticity occurs as a result of learning, experience. Learning and new experiences cause new neural pathways to strengthen. Continual learning is stimuli to strengthen the neural pathways and help you not only survive but thrive in unpredictable environments like we have today.

And that’s how CPhE will help you! CPhE will stimulate continual learning!

Heraclitus the Greek philosopher famously said 2500 years ago, “The only thing that is constant is change”.  And one of the most effective ways of dealing with change is lifelong learning.

To provide continual learning opportunities, you now have CPhE or Continuing Pharma Education brought to you by PharmaState Academy.

To live a life without continual learning is unthinkable. World-class educators from varied fields will continually help you in this process.

Continual learning will help you in 5 ways:

  1. You will remain relevant in your field & on the job.
  2. Prepare you for the unexpected (VUCA environment) – as during the current Covid-19 crisis.
  3. New skills and competence will boost your self-confidence.
  4. Change your perspective – open your mind and change your attitude.
  5. Will boost your professional profile & career growth will be faster.

This apart, continual learning will reinforce your critical thinking skills, nourish the integrative thinking process. You will discover newer ways of relating to your internal and external customers.

Continual learning forms an important part of your personal and professional development to avoid stagnation and reach your full potential.

So, watch out for announcements from PharmaState Academy both in our website blog and in social media.

Do not miss any CPhE relevant to your field and engage continuously in learning.

PharmaState wants to see you at the top!

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Vivek Hattangadi – Chief Mentor at
PharmaState & The Enablers

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