15th January 2022 | Pharma Updates

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Piramal Pharma adds new equipment at Pennsylvania manufacturing facility

The new equipment is used for commercialscale roller compaction.

Glenmark Speciality S.A. gets FDA Nod for Ryaltris Nasal Spray

Ryaltris nasal spray is developed for treating seasonal allergic rhinitis in patients of 12 years of age and adults in US.

43% of Indian pharma marketers choose programmatic messaging platforms for improved doctor reach: Report

Last year, there was a 53% increase in the exposed programmatic inventory of endemic publishers.

Sanofi India MD Resigns

Sanofi India Ltd. Board of Directors have accepted the resignation of Rajaram Narayan.

Acino presents first UAE-produced anticholesterol drug

Middle East’s cardiovascular diseaserelated mortality rate is among the highest in the world, said Abdulla Shehab, Consultant in Interventional Cardiology and Chief Editor of Emirates Medical Journal.

3D virtual simulations help in brain research, human heart implants

It reduces the effort to find the right design of a heart implant.

New Therapies for Covid Treatment Approved By World Health Organization

Baricitnib is used to treat patients with rheumatoid arthritis while Sotrovimab is a monoclonal antibody.