15th June 2022 | Pharma Updates

Piramal Pharma Solutions in India expands its API capabilities

The Pharma Solutions business site in Digwal, Telangana, India, has installed new tools to unlock API manufacturing capacity and serve customer demands in drug development and on-patent projects.

WHO following dictates of pharma industry, while government dozing off

WHO is swayed by the Pharma industry and issues guidelines that follow their dictates. Both the federal and state governments have become embroiled in the pharmaceutical lobby’s wrongdoing.

Cipla & DNDi launched four-in-one antiretroviral medication for HIV-positive children

South African Health Products Regulatory Authority has given the drug giant permission to sell a 4-in-1 fixed-dose combination of four antiretroviral (ARV) medications for HIV-positive newborns and young children in South Africa.

Biotechs approached Novartis about collaborating on "game-changing" CAR-T technology

All eyes are on what comes next now that the first generation of CAR-T treatments has rocked the cancer world. Biotechs have already contacted Novartis to see whether they can use the Swiss pharma’s T-Charge platform.

Elektrofi, a biologics delivery business raised $40 million for a clinical push

The biologics delivery specialist has raised $40 million to create a GMP production line and increase its personnel, thanks to collaborations with businesses like Argenx and Takeda.

Pfizer and Concert exploring Lilly's Olumiant in alopecia

Olumiant, a joint venture between Eli Lilly and Incyte, has received FDA approval as the first systemic treatment for alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease that causes patchy hair loss and affects over 700,000 people in the United States.

Janssen and Evotec established the Drug Discovery Alliance

Evotec SE has formed a drug discovery partnership with Janssen Pharmaceutica NV. TargetAlloMod platforms from Evotec will be tested in order to find first-in-class innovative mode of action therapeutic candidates.